Louisiana Alligator Leather Products

USA MADE from first quality skins
Wholesale to the general public
Since 2004 Alligator skin producers have tripled their price.
Take advantage of our low price before we have to raise ours.

Louisiana Alligator Leather Company of Baton Rouge Wholesale to the public

Our alligator belts, wallets and other accessories, are all hand made using only #1 grade skins. We are not using any second, third or even fourth quality skins for our products like many others you will find on the Internet. Please note that many sellers on the Internet are pretending to offer Alligator products when in fact they are presenting, caiman or crocodile which is totally different animals and skin quality..

 At Louisiana Alligator Leather Company, we take pride in our ability to provide belts and accessories for every wardrobe. We work closely with our customers to create belts, wallets and other merchandise.


When you purchase a Louisiana Alligator Leather product you can be certain you are investing in quality that will endure.





Louisiana Alligator Leather products
are the finest available in the world!!!

free webpage hit counter  We can now make your alligator jacket on demand at wholesale price.

Call for a quote

Vendor of NLDA
(National Luggage Dealers Association)

Each item is hand made and customized for each unique order.
Specify size in color in shopping cart
Allow 3 - 4 weeks delivery. Except during Holidays
Prices Subject to Change.

NO refund on custom made Items.
NO refund on Shipping&Handling.
Fee of $50 for N.S.F check plus a $100 service fee.

To see Alligator color chart click here

Louisiana Alligator Leather Co.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Phone: 225.928.3569
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